Our free service helps you hide from spammers. Hide your email address and other information such as phone numbers and street addresses that appear on your web site.

Your email address will appear normal to visitors of your web site but the spammers will most likely completely pass it by.

How To Do It
1) Enter the text from your web page that you want to hide.
2) Click the 'Hide' button.
3) Copy the hidden text from here and paste it into your web page replacing the original text.

Enter the email address or text you want to hide:

The Hidden Text:

Detailed Explanation:

The spammers use computer programs to search web pages for email addresses and other information they want to gather. These programs are referred to as web crawlers or spiders and they scan the source code of web pages looking for what they want.

Our free service uses special HTML codes to hide your email in the source code of the page. Since the HTML code doesn't look like a proper email address, the spammer's spider doesn't harvest it. However, your browser understands the code and displays it on the page properly.

It is possible that the spammer programs could be programmed to find even hidden email addresses, but using this simple technique you should be able to drastically reduce the chance of spammers finding your email address and other information that you wish to conceal from web crawlers.

In the source code of your web page you might have the following:

Contact Us: Support@JonesProductsInc.com

The web crawler can easily recognize the email address and grab it.
Using our free service you can convert it and this is what most spiders will see:

Support@Jone sProductsInc.com

Your visitors will still see a completely normal email address.

You can do this with any text that you desire.
For example a phone number:
Visitors will see: 310-555-1234
A web crawler will see: 310-555-1234

NOTE: The hiding process uses a random element so you may notice that the same text can look different each time you click the Hide button. The text will however always appear the same way to any visitor.

CAUTION: Do not try to hide HTML. HTML cannot be hidden.

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